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Investment Consulting & Due Diligence

Whether you are targeting a specific investment opportunity or looking for general guidance, we can help. 

Our independent, unbiased advice includes:

  • Governance and education
  • Investment policy development
  • Asset/liability modelling
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Performance measurement
  • Research and due diligence
  • Implementation and oversight

Global asset classes we cover.

Real Estate

Real estate investments, backed by hard assets, can be broadly divided into three investment styles:

  • Core investments – usually income-focused and include fully leased and stabilized existing properties with minimal leverage in major urban markets.
  • Value-add investments – focused on both income and appreciation of properties and have higher leverage than core real estate; could include renovation, improvement and/or repositioning projects and may have lease-up requirements.
  • Opportunistic real estate – follows the value-add approach but takes it a step further on the risk spectrum. Could include redevelopment projects and capital markets deals; has the highest leverage and focuses mainly on property appreciation as a source of returns.
Private Equity

Ownership interest in a company that is not publicly owned, quoted or traded on a stock exchange. From an investment perspective, private equity generally refers to equity-related finance (pools of capital formed through funds or private investors) designed to bring about some sort of change in a private company, such as helping to grow a new business, bringing about operational change, taking a public company private or financing an acquisition. These investments may be growth-oriented and/or cash flow generating.
Private Credit
Private credit provides an attractive opportunity for investors as it provides significantly higher yields relative to other debt assets with similar ratings to compensate for lower liquidity. We focus primarily on asset-based direct lending: privately negotiated loans between a borrower and a lender secured by balance sheet assets such as real estate, equipment, vehicles, inventory and/or accounts receivable. Asset-based loans, once considered a last-resort finance option, has become a popular choice for companies and individuals that don’t have the credit ratings, track record or patience to pursue more traditional capital sources.

Public Markets & Hedged Strategies

Given the advent of index-linked vehicles such as ETFs that provide easy beta exposure, we focus our attention on unique value creation strategies that provide the potential for significant absolute performance. We tend to focus on such strategies as global arbitrage trading that makes use of derivative contracts and leverage to exploit public security mispricings between markets.
Digital Assets
Digital assets have become accepted as investable assets and stores of value, tradable on global, licensed exchanges, and accessible to individuals and institutions around the world. Bitcoin is the breakthrough asset of this type, and many more crypto assets have emerged in its wake. With our history and extensive network of global counterparties, we are able to advise on large crypto asset transactions, helping our clients build a diversified crypto asset portfolio