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Our Investment Programs

Core alternative investment solutions designed exclusively for our members. 

1) HCC Canadian High Yield Program

Current annual yield: 15%, payable monthly
Instrument: Secured Debentures
Type: Asset-based loans
Liquidity: Low
Time horizon: 2 years, optional renewal
Eligibility: Sophisticated Investors
Investment Thesis
  • Tap into inefficiencies within the Canadian financial system – lending to the underserved subprime consumer representing approximately 1/3 of Canadians who do not have access to products of traditional financial institutions
  • Loans are small and short-term in nature, allowing greater diversification and turnover
  • Loans are fully secured by hard collateral representing 2x the loan amounts – significant coverage in the event of borrower default
  • Collateral assets are relatively liquid; vehicles such as cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and equipment – property that can be sold at auction within 21 days
  • Investment returns exhibit low correlation to stocks and bonds

2) HCC Global Mortgage Yield Program

Current annual yield: 7-12%, payable monthly
Instrument: Direct Mortgages
Type: Asset-based loans
Liquidity: Low
Time horizon: 1-1.5 years
Eligibility: Accredited investors
Investment Thesis
  • Invest directly in individual mortgage loans backed by real estate in major urban markets globally
  • Loans are fully administered on behalf of investor; liens are held directly in investor name
  • Diversify across residential 1st mortgages, 2nd mortgages, and construction loans
  • Loans are fully secured at a max Loan to Value of 75% at initiation for 1st mortgages
  • Investment structure allows investors to diversify their portfolio of such assets with less capital
  • Low correlation to stocks and bonds